Spotlight on: Ölüdeniz

Spotlight on: Ölüdeniz

This month we’re celebrating the understated style of our wonderfully soft Ölüdeniz Turkish Towel (with pocket). 

It’s so deliciously snuggly, we use it as a baby blanket. The discreet pocket is perfect for carrying the bits and bobs Bub needs for a quick trip to the beach: swim nappy, baby sunscreen, dummy and snack!

Nappy bag is effectively ditched, unless we’re out for a decent length of time. 

Ölüdeniz Turkish Towel combines pale turquoise and cream horizontal stripes with grey and black accent stripes in a traditional Turkish weave, adding contrast and interest. Fringed with hand-rolled cream tassels, Ölüdeniz is one of our softest towels, and our most popular. 

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