What is the difference between Turkish Towels, Hammam Towels, Foutas, and Peshtemals?

Nothing! They are all different names for the same thing. Hammams are traditional Turkish bathhouses, which are very hot, humid wet. Hammam towels were designed to be very lightweight, absorbent, and fast drying, to be a practical towel for use in such conditions.

Why is Turkish cotton so great?

Authentic Turkish Towels are made from 100% Turkish cotton, a premium cotton that has strong, extra long fibres. Using longer fibre cotton means fewer joins, which results in stronger and smoother cotton threads. If they are made with authentic Turkish cotton, Turkish towels will become even softer, fluffier, and more absorbent with successive washings.

How can I tell whether a company is selling good quality Turkish Towels, or not?

Good question! There are a lot of "turkish towels" out there, and many are inauthentic, and inferior.

One thing to look at is occasional inconsistencies in the weave - this shows the towels have been woven on traditional looms rather than machine loomed. Another indicator is the price point. A higher priced towel typically reflects a higher quality, artisan-crafted product - where a fair price is paid at all points of the supply and manufacture chain, with authentic 100% Turkish cotton, traditional weaving techniques, and eco-friendly dyes.

The average price for a high quality Turkish Towel is $30 - $65, depending on weave, colours, styles, size, and so on. 

How should I care for my Freostyle Turkish Towel?

We don't have time to mollycoddle our towels, and we doubt you do either! So Freostyle Turkish Towels are extremely easy to care for. Simply gentle machine wash at 40 degrees with like colours, and line dry in the shade. They enjoy a cool iron if you're that way inclined (we're not). Don't tumble dry them, that will harden the fibres - and because they are fast-drying, they really don't need it. Avoid fabric softeners or conditioners, which will coat the towels fibres in silicones that harden them. Freostyle Turkish Towels are made with genuine Turkish cotton, so they will get softer with successive washings - no chemical additives required!

Some people think that the way to make cheaper, slightly stiffer Turkish Towels super soft right from the start is to soak them in cold water for 12 hours, then wringing them out and air-drying, prior to using them. Apparently this only works for genuine Turkish Towels, as it allows the long Turkish cotton fibres to bloom and expand. We're currently testing this theory - watch this space!

Does the pocket need any special care?

The pocket is made of exactly the same quality Turkish cotton as the towel, and should be treated like the rest of the towel. As with any pocket, be sure not to overload it, or use it to store sharp, bulky items. Oh, and remember to take your items out of it before you wash it! 

What if the tassels become unrolled?

Sometimes, due to getting caught up in zips and hooks through everyday use or in the washing machine, the tassels might become unrolled. This is easy to fix, simply twist and re-knot.

Why are Turkish towels so absorbent?

As we've mentioned, our Turkish Towels are extremely absorbent. Turkish cotton is some of the softest and most absorbent in the world. As with all cotton products, our towels get softer and more absorbent after each wash, so it's a good idea to wash your new Towel before use. And because they are thin cotton, they dry incredibly fast - so you have the benefit of an large, absorbent towel in a slimline, light-weight package!

What size are your Turkish Towels?

While some of our towels differ slightly in size, the majority of our Turkish Towels are 1m wide x 1.8m long - significantly larger than a standard terry towelling beach towel. To see the exact dimensions of the each towel simply check the product description on each product page. 

Why are there occasional inconsistencies in the weave?

In any hand loomed towels there can be the occasional inconsistency in the weave. This is part of the appeal of authentically made towels, as opposed to the machine made, printed, imitation peshtemals you will find in chain stores and supermarkets. 

Which Fabric Softener should I use on my Turkish Towels?

None, nada, zero, zip. PLEASE don't use fabric softener on your Turkish Towels, the silicones will coat the Turkish Cotton fibres and make them harder AND water repellant! Turkish cotton gets softer and softer every time you wash it (with soap or detergent only) - after about 5 or 6 washes you'll notice them really softening up.

Oh No! I used Fabric Softener on my Turkish Towels. How can I fix them?

All is not lost. Wash them with soap or detergent only, then run them though the wash again with a cup of cheap white vinegar instead of fabric softener. 

Do you make children's towels?

In our experience, our four children aren't fans of small children's towels, wanting a large amount of coverage on the sand or grass. So we don't bother with short towels. All our towels are extremely light-weight, so they are perfect for young children to carry. And as these towels will last for years and years, when your kids are taller, they will still be using these.

That said, we will soon be launching a range of hooded, wearable Turkish Towels for children. To find out when these towels become available, sign up to receive our newsletter. 

Where are your Turkish Towels made?

Our Turkish Towels are made in Turkey, and are 100% authentic, and ethically made in small, traditional weaving villages, by several local families.

What about Delivery?

Order placed within Australia are shipped within 2 business days. We offer a flat-rate $9.95 delivery free across Australia using with Australia Post or Sendle Couriers. We offer Australia Post Express Post for $15.95 (please check you are in an Express Post zone before choosing this option).

International Delivery:

We charge a flat rate of $26.95 AUD for all international deliveries. International deliveries are sent by courier.

Can I see your towels in-store?


Yes! You can visit us at our South Beach Boardies South Fremantle store, 2/230 South Terrace, South Fremantle, WA, 6162.

We also work with a small number of hand-picked retail outlets Australia-wide, who carry a selection of our towels. You can find your closest Freostyle retailer at our Stockists page.

Can I buy your Turkish Towels wholesale?

We sell Freostyle Turkish Towels and Pocketowels through a small number of hand-picked retail outlets. If you would like to apply for a wholesale account, or you would like to place a bulk order, please get in touch with us via sales@freostyle.com, and we can discuss a range of solutions for you.