ethically made Turkish Towels with pocket

Ethical Production

Freostyle's authentic Turkish Towels are made on wooden hand-looms, in traditional weaving villages in the south-west of Turkey. Weaving is the main source of income in these villages. Our cottons and bamboo yarns are dyed in an eco-friendly OEKO-TEX® certified dye house, before being woven into towels in a number of small, family-run ateliers. These weaving skills are passed down from generation to generation. Other families in these villages are able to generate an income in the hand rolling of the tassels that embellish each of our turkish towels, and in the sewing of Freostyle’s unique towel pockets.

Freostyle Turkish Towels are made from all natural fibres, with no chemicals, synthetic dyes or pesticides used.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Our Turkish Towels are posted a cellophane bag, which ensures they arrive at your door in a pristine state. Cellophane is a plant-based, biodegradable product which you can pop into your compost bin (we recommend you scrunch it up when adding it to the compost, as this will introduce air pockets that help the product to break down.

Gift-wrapping comes as standard on all our our towels, unless you choose not to have your product gift-wrapped. We use Australian-made unbleached brown kraft paper, sourced from certified sustainable plantation forests. 

Corporate Social Responsibility

For every single towel that we sell, we donate $1 to Essentials for Women. Essentials for Women is a Western Australian charity that provides toiletries, sanitary items and underwear to women in need across Western Australia