The Versatility of Turkish Towels

The Versatility of Turkish Towels

Is it a beach towel? A bath towel? A scarf? A baby blanket?

Nope. It's a Turkish Towel. So, actually, I guess the answer is yes. Because a Turkish Towel is all of those things. And more.

A throw for your sofa. A blanket or pillow for your next flight. A travel towel. The roof of your cubby. A cape. A sarong. A picnic blanket. A tablecloth. 

Genuine Turkish Towels start soft, and then get softer with each wash. They are light weight, and roll up small, so are easily stashed in a bag or stored in your linen cupboard. And yet their large size gives you plenty of coverage, whether you're using it as a towel, a blanket, or something else entirely.

We'd love to hear what you've been using your Freostyle Turkish Towels for. Send us pics to our Instagram, or post them to our Facebook page. Most creative use of Turkish Towel wins our eternal admiration and respect!!

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