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Pocketowels - Large, Turkish-Style Towels with Pockets

Pocketowels - Large, Turkish-Style Towels with Pockets

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Towels with Pockets for All Budgets

Pocketowels are Hip-Pocket Friendly.

Lots of our customers love the concept of a thin, easy to roll up, colourful towel with pockets, but at a lower price point than a hand-loomed towel.

So we developed Pocketowels. Ethically made in Southern India, these brightly coloured, striped, Turkish-style towels are made from sustainable, OEKO-TEX® certified Indian cotton. 

Whilst this cotton doesn't have the unique benefits of Turkish cotton, Pocketowels have the advantage of being extra large (2m long x 1m wide), with a large (23cm x 26cm) zip-up hidden pocket, for you to stash your stuff while you splash about.

Despite their extra large coverage, they still roll up extremely thin - so they are perfect for travelling, storing in your cupboards, and carrying in your beach bag.

With six different colorways to choose from, you can mix and match these striking Turkish-style towels for a truly eclectic coastal vibe.

Product Details:

Size: 2m long x 1m wide (plus tassels)

Material: 100% cotton

Weight: 460 grams

Country of Manufacture: India


Andaman Pocketowel

Andaman Pocketowel: Features thick sky-blue and turquoise stripes in the centre of the towel with thin turquoise and cream stripes at each end, plus thick, cream tassels to finish.


Arambol Pocketowel

Arambol Pocketowel: Bold yellow and navy stripes for a burst of summer colour - Arambol Pocketowel will add vibrancy and style to your beach bag.

Malabar Pocketowel

Malabar Pocketowel: If you love colour, you'll adore the candy-striped Malabar Pocketable. This joyful towel features alternating yellow, turquoise, pink, blue and white stripes.

Marari Pocketowel

Marari Pocketowel: A classic style with bold navy and white stripes, for those seeking a stylish beach vibe.

Pondicherry Pocketowel

Pondicherry Pocketowel: Featuring contrasting pink, grey and white stripes, Pondicherry Pocketowel scream retro coastal chic in the most delightful way.

Varkala Pocketowel

Varkala Pocketowel: A striking red and white classic nautical design, fringed with thick cream tassels for a relaxed, coastal style.

Tarkali Pocketowel

Tarkali Pocketowel: Vibrant thick and thin stripes in yellow, orange, red, blue and green pop joyously from the white background, finishing with white tassels - this towel is the epitome of coastal chic.

Yarada Pocketowl

Yarada Pocketowel: Thick green and blue stripes alternate down the length of this gorgeous towel for a chilled coastal vibe, ending in thin grey and white stripes and white tassels.

Agatti Pocketowel, large beach towel with pocket, by Freostyle

Agatti Pocketowel: Thick pastel blue, lemon and white stripes alternate down the length of this summer-styled towel, ending in thin grey and white stripes and white tassels.


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